4-22-8. Thomas Craig to H. Poincaré

Dec. 24 1884

American Journal of Mathematics

Johns Hopkins University


Dear Monsieur Poincaré,

Your letter and memoir have both been received, and the memoir is now in the hands of the printer – it will appear in Vol. 7 No. 3 of the Journal. I thank you very much both for the memoir and the copy of your paper ‘‘Sur la réduction des Intégrales Abéliennes’’.11endnote: 1 Poincaré (1885, 1884). I shall take every care in the correcting of your proofs.

Each author receives gratuitously 25 reprints of his paper, do you care to receive more than that number, if you do please inform me at once, there is a slight charge for any number over 25 depending on the length of the memoir. Hoping to hear from you soon,

I am

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Craig

ALS 2p. Collection particulière, Paris 75017.

Time-stamp: “ 4.05.2019 00:49”



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