2-41-2. Albert A. Michelson to H. Poincaré

Le 28 April 1899

Grand Hôtel

Boulevard Des Capucines, 12


My dear M. Poincaré,

I assure you it was a very great satisfaction for me to receive from so high an authority, so striking a confirmation of my view.

If it is not putting you to too much trouble I would venture to ask if you would care to publish your note in the “Nature”. Perhaps before deciding to do so you might prefer to read what had been contributed in that Journal. The first date (if my memory serves) is Oct. 8th ’98.11 1 Michelson’s initial letter to Nature on Fourier’s series (1898) was published on 06.10.1898.

In any case, I should very much like to quote your letter—if you have no objection.

With many thanks and kind regards,

Yours faithfully,

A. A. Michelson

ALS 2p. Private collection, Paris 75017.

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  • A. A. Michelson (1898) Fourier’s series. Nature 58, pp. 544–545. External Links: Link Cited by: footnote 1.