7-2-14. A. Tanakadate to Nobel Committee for Physics

Jan 10th 191011endnote: 1 The manuscript bears a reception stamp: “K. Vetenskapsakademiens, Nobelkomitéer, Inkom den 30.1 1910”.

Science College, Imperial University, To¯\bar{\text{o}}kyo¯\bar{\text{o}}, Japan.

Prof. W. Palmaer, Stockholm

Dear Sir!

I receive to-day your favour of Dec. 17th 1909 containing the report of Prof. Darboux for recommending the gift of the Nobel Prize to Prof. H. Poincare.

It is my great pleasure to say that I agree entirely with the views of the reporters for the admirable service which Prof. Henri Poincaré has done to the progress of the mathematical physics; and I consider that he will be the most suitable person for the Nobel Prize on the subject of theoretical physics.

Yours truly,

A. Tanakadate

Hoping this may come to you in good time.

ALS 1p. Nobel Archives of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Transcribed in Vetenskapsakademiens Protokoll 1910, 269.

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