Robert Tucker to H. Poincaré


The London Mathematical Society

24 Hillmarton Road, N.

Dear Professor,

I am much obliged for your note to hand just now. I do not think the Council would impose any limit upon the length of any communication with which you may be pleased to honour the Society. You, no doubt, know the ordinary length of the papers published in our Proceedings. Some are very long, as one or two by Prof. Greenhill & often run to 50 or so pages. Your memoir may be very long & I cannot say that our funds would allow of our printing it. But I do hope that it is of our ordinary size that I may see it in print in our volumes.

We shall be glad to print it in French.

You express yourself as if your paper would be a small volume. If you could give me any estimate of its probable length I could the better answer your note.

Robert Tucker

Honorary Secretary

ALS 2p. Private collection, Paris 75017.

Time-stamp: " 4.05.2019 00:49"