6-1-270. Lalib Mohan Dey to H. Poincaré

The 17th May 1909

40-B, Soolay Pagoda Road,


To Professor Jules-Henri Poincaré, Math. D.

Member of the French Academy

Dear Sir,

I have the honour to inform you that your letter reached me in due time. I am exceedingly glad that my humble letter had the effect to please you even. Your great name as a profound mathematician has been known to me for a long time and when I learnt that the great French people have done you honour by electing you to the French Academy, I felt it my strong duty to congratulate one whom I admired for a long time and whose profound and supreme mathematical attainments are international possession forever. Anyhow I am very much pleased that my appreciation of your supreme merits has been well received and I consider myself fortunate to have received your letter which will be a mathematical document with me.

By the way I had to inform you that this book and portrait which you promised in your letter have not been received here yet, and I am afraid you might have sent them in due time and might have been lost in transit. We have telegrams here about the French Postal Strike and other small disturbances in France, which I hope may be responsible for the delay. I would conclude here my short letter with a short prayer for one for whom I have the supreme love and respect: May the Supreme Lord bless Poincaré the mathematician whose life has been probably of the greatest importance in the history of Higher Mathematics of the 19th Century. Amen.

With the highest respect
British Burma
With the highest respect
I beg to remain yours sincerely
Lalib Mohan Dey

ALS 2p. Collection particulière, Paris 75017.

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