7-2-50. Felix Klein to H. Poincaré, English translation

Leipzig 25 June 1881

Dear Sir!

Please send me a postcard post haste in case my package of offprints has not yet arrived; I took it to the post office myself some eight days ago. You would express yourself differently about F11endnote: 1 Fuchs if you were fully cognizant of the literature. The theory concerning maps of polygons of circular arcs is completely independent of F’s article in Volume 66; the only thing they have in common is to have been inspired by Riemann.22endnote: 2 Fuchs (1866).

With the greatest respect,

Prof. Dr. F. Klein

PTrL. Translated by S.A. Walter from the German original (§ 4-47-5). See also the French translation (§ 7-2-35).

Time-stamp: "13.08.2022 18:12"



  • L. Fuchs (1866) Zur Theorie der linearen Differentialgleichungen mit verändlichen Coefficienten. Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik 66, pp. 121–160. link1 Cited by: endnote 2.