4-65. Salvatore Pincherle

Born in the city of Trieste, Salvatore Pincherle (1853–1936) attended the Lycée impérial in Marseilles (later renamed Lycée Thiers). He enrolled at the Scuola normale superiore in Pisa in 1870, where he heard lectures by Enrico Betti. Pincherle obtained the laurea in 1874, as well as his habilitation. He accepted a position in Pavia teaching at the Regio ginnasio liceale (later renamed Liceo Foscolo), which he interrupted in 1877–1878 to study in Berlin, where he heard lectures by Kummer, Kronecker and Weierstrass. In 1880 he obtained a position at the University of Palermo in algebraic analysis and analytic geometry, but was then offered a chair at the University of Bologna, which he accepted. He remained at Bologna until his retirement in 1928.

Pincherle contributed to the foundations of functional analysis, and in 1887 was elected to the Reale Accademia dei Lincei. On Pincherle’s life, work and career, see his Opere Scelte (Unione matematica italiana, 1954a, b), Tricomi (1974), Bottazzini (2012) and the entry on MacTutor.

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