3-15-30. George Howard Darwin to H. Poincaré

Sep. 1. 01

Newnham Grange – Cambridge

Dear Monsieur Poincaré,

In order to save you trouble I hasten to make confession.11endnote: 1 Voir (§ 3-15-29). My work is right but insufficient. It is necessary to include 4th powers of ee so that you are right. I see this in the following way. If I change the sign of ee, I change the stalk into the blunt end of the pear & vice versa. This cannot change the value of EE and hence e3e^{3} must be absent. I found this to be the case with the transition from the Maclaurin to the Jacobian Ellipsoid, but I was delayed by (my usual) small algebraic mistake which prevented the e3e^{3} term from vanishing. In this case the change of sign of ee changes the azimuth of the Jacobian and the same result follows. But in the case of the sphere and Maclaurin the change of sign of ee changes oblate into prolate ellipsoid and therefore EE is not the same in the two cases.

I must admit that at present I do not see how to calculate the term in e4e^{4} in my way. Your method will probably indicate it to me. But the calculation of the e3e^{3} term was so troublesome that I suppose the e4e^{4} term will be enormously worse. I do not think I can attempt it now.

I had written thus far when I received your letter in which you point out the same thing. I am sorry to have given you so much trouble.

I shall be much interested to see what you write.

I remain, Yours very sincerely,

G. H. Darwin

ALS 3p. Collection particulière, Paris 75017.

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