A. E. H. Love to Nobel Committee for Physics

28th January 191011endnote: 1 “K. Vetenskapsakademiens, Nobelkomitéer, Inkom den 31.1 1910”.

34. St Margaret’s Road, Oxford

To the Nobel Committee for Physics


I understand that a proposal has been made to you by MM. Darboux, Appell, and Fredholm that the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1910 should be awarded to M. Henri Poincaré of Paris for his “discoveries concerning the Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics”.22endnote: 2 Voir Poincaré (1890).

I have much pleasure in supporting this proposal.

As I gather that the Gentlemen named above have sent in an exhaustive account of M. Poincaré’s researches, it is unnecessary for me to add anything to what they have said, beyond the statement that I have a very great admiration for M. Poincaré’s work and regard him as one of the living investigators to whom modern Physics owes most.

Hoping that the Committee will share my opinion,

I am, Yours very faithfully,

A.E.H. Love

ALS 3p. Nobel Archives of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Transcribed in the Vetenskapsakademiens Protokoll 1910, 271.

Time-stamp: " 4.05.2019 01:00"


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  • 2 Voir Poincaré (1890).


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